SA Day urges Alex community to emulate Rwanda

ALEXANDRA – SA Day, like many South Africans, would like to see our country clean and beautiful, says Shongwe.

South Africa Day, which has a campaign in Alexandra to clean and beautify the township, has called on residents to emulate Rwanda and clean up their spaces.

Known as the We Love Alexandra Community Makeover Project that is being championed by the township’s top philanthropist Linda Twala with the financial muscle of SA Day made available by Sandton businesses, is still trying to make headway with the implementation of the project.


Besides calling on Alexandrians to emulate Rwanda and clean up its spaces, SA Day CEO Dr Bheki Shongwe said they would soon launch a nationwide campaign to clean and beautify the country.

The nationwide campaign will be launched on July 16 and aims to follow the footsteps of Rwandan President Paul Kagame who, along with his countrymen and women take to cleaning the country on the last Saturday of every month, from 08:00 to 11:00. The initiative is known as Umuganda.

Rwanda has become known as the epicentre of cleanliness in Africa and Shongwe said, “SA Day, like many South Africans, would like to see our country clean and beautiful, and for the world to have an image of a clean and beautiful South Africa. We will inspire confidence in our country, in our government, and the people of South Africa through the success of this campaign.”

He said the campaign had been endorsed by Brand South Africa and would make President Cyril Ramaphosa’s wish for a clean and attractive South Africa a reality.

“It is important that as a society, we take responsibility for building the country together, as a collective effort, to achieve a common purpose of building a great country that we all can be proud of. All that we are asking is for South Africans to contribute only three hours of their time, once a month, to clean and beautify the country,” Shongwe added.

Details: Dr Bheki Shongwe via WhatsApp on 074 422 1322;

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