In Covid-19


As the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has spread globally, it has left in its wake acute health concerns compounded by
economic devastation. The full effects of the pandemic and corresponding economic slowdown are still unfolding – yet already,
impact investors’ portfolios are experiencing constraints, and the need for further impact investment is rising sharply. To catalyze
strategic flows of impact investment capital and position impact investors to support their current investees, the Response,
Recovery, and Resilience Investment Coalition (R3 Coalition) launched in May 2020.i This initiative represents a collaboration
across impact investing networks.

One critical component of this initiative is the delivery of market intelligence on financing needs and effective strategies to
address those needs. This first brief intends to describe the current state of play for impact investors. Key topics covered
through this piece include:

• the changing social and environmental needs facing the world as the pandemic spreads;
• how investors’ objectives and targets have evolved to reflect these new realities;
• impact investment capital currently available to respond to the COVID-19 crisis; and
• challenges facing impact investors’ current portfolios and limiting additional capital deployment.

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