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Quarterly Report back on the YSG Security Solutions, our ICT and Security Qualifying Company

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One of ICT operating partners, namely “YSG” is a leader in remote video monitoring and thermal image security.

YSG delivers bespoke security technology solutions to customers throughout SA. Their primary model is to rent out proactive systems to Customers and then provide Remote Offsite Monitoring services to detect crimes early and stop them from happening.

YSG is in its fourth year of operation and to date have a 100% success rate in preventing crime for their Customers.

YSG has technology driven security systems in the following industries:

  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Construction
  • Farming, including cannabis and other high value intensive associated operations
  • Mining and energy
  • High-end residential properties
  • Retail and shopping centres

YSG’s coverage is countrywide so long as there is good quality internet permanently available. YSG’s modus operandi is….SEE – DETER and ARREST. See:

One of the clear competitive business advantages is the relationship that YSG has with their YSG Labs. Through the labs YSG has developed and introduced numerous innovative products to the market, including advanced video analytics and full power back-up solutions, to name only two.

Power Backup

YSG can incorporate full Battery backup onto their designed and installed Solutions. They also provide full off-the-grid, solar-powered, live video monitoring technology that is entirely self-sustaining.

Advanced Video Analytics

A video analytics tool that allows customers to judge traffic moving in and out of their property and gain insight into activity during certain times, such as holidays and peak hours.

Fire-Detection Cameras

A camera with heat detection capabilities that alerts a monitor when it sees fire or smoke. These cameras can also determine fluctuations in temperature and can monitor smoke stacks or furnaces for changes which may be critical in indicating a potential problem before it occurs.

Together with YSG’s management, IEV’s investment committee see both current, and future prospects in a very positive and profitable light.  As crime levels in SA have continue to rise, more and more pro-active security systems are sought after. The recent experience is that crime has been exacerbated by the lockdown and negative impact on the economy and worsening levels of unemployment throughout the country.

Both Impact Investment Africa and IEV VCC are very confident that this newly acquired relationship between YSG and our S12J VCC will yield great returns for the F share class S12J investors and the company as well.

Kind regards,

IEV Investment Committee

August 2020





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