Isikhungo Sabantu

Isikhungo Sabantu Financial Services Cooperative (IS FSC) is a cooperative financial institution (CFI) governed and owned by its members. A cooperative bank works the same way as a commercial bank does, however instead of paying bank fees and high interest on loans, you make a part of the profits that the bank makes as a member. Isikhungo Sabantu Financial Services Cooperative (ISFSC) originated from the NGO Isikhungo Sabantu NPC. Isikhungo Sabantu is a Non-profit Company, aimed at eradicating poverty in South Africa through developing and mentoring young people and women to become competent entrepreneurs. Most of the members come from Gauteng, the Eastern Cape, and Kwa-Zulu Natal. The Members of Isikhungo Sabantu NPC will be able to buy shares in Isikhungo Sabantu Financial Services Cooperative (ISFSC) the cooperative financial institution (CFI). IS FSC members can save monthly, invest in financial products, take insurance, and take affordable loans to start their projects or get help in difficult times. Isikhungo Sabantu FSC will offer products and services that will cater to the needs of the members. Shareholders/members have a say in the creation of products and operations of the bank. All products that are currently available to the members were proposed and created by the shareholders of the cooperative bank. These include loan products, savings, insurance products and investment products


The core value of Isikhungo Sabantu Financial Services Cooperative is to empower its members by providing affordable financial products and services, and to promote financial inclusion, entrepreneurship and community development in South Africa.

Its services

Isikhungo Sabantu Financial Services Cooperative (IS FSC) is a unique financial institution in South Africa that is owned and governed by its members. Here is an overview of the products and services that IS FSC offers:

  • Savings: IS FSC members can save a portion of their income each month with the cooperative, earning competitive interest rates and building their financial security over time.
    Investments: Members can invest their savings in various financial products offered by the cooperative, such as fixed deposit accounts and unit trusts.
  • Loans: IS FSC offers affordable loans to members who need financial assistance, whether it is to start a business or cover unexpected expenses. Loan products are designed to be accessible and affordable, with reasonable interest rates and flexible repayment terms.
    Insurance: Members can also take out insurance policies with IS FSC to protect themselves and their families from unforeseen events. Insurance products include life insurance, funeral cover, and disability cover.
  • Member-driven products: IS FSC is unique in that all products and services are proposed and created by the members themselves. This means that the cooperative is able to cater to the specific needs of its members and offer products that are relevant and useful to them.

Overall, IS FSC is committed to empowering its members by providing access to affordable financial products and services that meet their needs. As a cooperative, it is owned and controlled by its members, who have a say in the creation of products and the operations of the bank.

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