GrowSA has been established to facilitate Economic Growth and Enterprise Development within the various Industries operating in South Africa and the Southern African Region.

South Africa in particular, is a country with huge untapped opportunities when available mineral resources, the agricultural diversity and tourism potential coupled with a well-developed transport infrastructure is taken into account. However, the greatest and most important challenge up until now has been the creation of a Platform where Business, Government and the Community can liaise and strategize together in taking our economy to the next level. GrowSA is specifically aimed at creating these platforms on Local-, Provincial-, National- and Regional Level where interaction, strategic planning and project implementation will be facilitated.


GrowSA is an organization that aims to promote economic growth and enterprise development in South Africa and the Southern African Region. Here’s an overview of what GrowSA does:

  • Facilitating economic growth: GrowSA works with government agencies, businesses, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities for economic growth and development, and to develop strategies to make the most of these opportunities. This includes promoting trade and investment, supporting entrepreneurship, and creating jobs.
  • Enterprise development: GrowSA provides support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa, helping them to grow and thrive. This includes providing training and mentorship, access to finance and markets, and networking opportunities.
  • Industry development: GrowSA works with various industries operating in South Africa to identify their specific needs and challenges, and to develop strategies to support their growth and development. This includes promoting innovation and competitiveness, improving supply chain management, and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Collaboration and partnership: GrowSA believes that collaboration and partnership are key to achieving its goals. The organization works with a wide range of stakeholders, including government agencies, businesses, NGOs, and academic institutions, to drive economic growth and enterprise development.

Overall, GrowSA is committed to promoting sustainable economic growth and development in South Africa and the Southern African Region, by supporting entrepreneurship, industry development, and collaboration

How they do it?

The various Business Chambers operating on either Local-, Provincial- or National levels have been approached to function as implementation Partners of the GrowSA Model.
Chambers will be facilitating Workshops per Industry with the following as Key Focus Areas:

  • What are the Combined Goals for a specific Industry/s in a specific Area?
  • What are the Challenges/Blockages prohibiting economic growth?
  • What are the Opportunities for Growth within the specific Industry and Area?

Enterprise Development Projects will be identified and supported by the GrowSA Foundation – a Trust that provides Tax Benefits and BBB-EE Points to participating. The GrowSA Foundation is audited by PwC.

Benefits to Chambers & Members

Chamber Bodies will have the following Tools at their disposal to provide
additional benefit to their members:

  • A GrowSA Business Directory per Industry; Province and Town as part of exposure to all Chamber members;
  • A Comprehensive Online Business Profile per Member inclusive of a link to their own website address;
  • Access to the GrowSA Model as well as practical assistance and guidelines for the facilitation of Workshops per Business Sector;
  • Access to the Business Generator as online lead-generating system matchmaking the Need of one Business to the Offering of another; and
  • Co-ordination of local Enterprise Development Projects through the GrowSA Foundation.

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