Fedgroup is a specialist South African financial services provider. They have established an over 30-year legacy of forward-thinking and doing things differently when it comes to the business of insurance, financial services, and investments. With more than R10 billion in assets currently under management, Fedgroup not only has extensive experience in the industry but has continuously challenged the status quo and thrived through innovating and collaborating.

Fedgroup has a proven track record and deep experience across multiple licenses. They are large enough to be a forceful player in the market, yet their entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude give them a competitive edge that is hard to beat. Their license capabilities, early adoption of relevant innovation and solutions orientation ensure that they continue to find new ways to add value to the lives and wealth of their clients and partners.

With an increase in investors’ awareness of the benefits of making positive economic and environmental contributions, investments that result in a positive impact, both financially and economically are rising.

Fedgroup has driven efforts to tap into this area. Fedgroup strives to deliver specialised offerings, rather than attempt to cater to more generalised needs, and consists of a mix of organisational skills ranging from actuarial and engineering to farming, finance, and marketing. Each of their staff members brings specialist skills to the table, adding immeasurable value not only to our business and offerings but to their clients and partners as well.

Fedgroup has funded R150m in agricultural projects which include blueberry farms, beehive sites, moringa farms, vertical hydroponic lettuce facilities, and macadamia farms.

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