Our Approach

In addition to a measurable impact, we aim to achieve a healthy return for our investors. We are therefore vigilant in the selection of businesses in which we invest, and only select small and medium businesses (SMEs) that have the potential for sustained growth. We do this smartly, deliberately and strategically.

To be considered, businesses must meet the following criteria:


ROBUST COMMERCIAL MERIT – The business must be able to generate a competitive return on equity without depending on subsidies, incentives or regulatory favours. Preferred businesses will be those where 4th Industrial Revolution technology and business practice can be implemented and can consequently achieve high levels of growth.

APPROPRIATE AND EFFECTIVE HUMAN CAPITAL – Both capacity and integrity are crucial.

MANAGEABLE RISK –  Risk must be identified, scoped and assessed in order to be managed down and mitigated.

TRACK RECORD – We invest in existing businesses that do not expose investors to start-up risk.

By providing the right strategic support and access to technology, these businesses achieve sustained growth and expansion resulting in permanent, sustainable jobs and improved job quality.

We have an unique formula. Our funds are carefully constructed around a unique business selection formula that reflects our company ethos, mission, and process.

We call this our EnRRICH process:




Investment (for)

Change (and)