Farmvision (The Company) is a joint venture between Farm Invest (Pty) Ltd and the Bilatye and Mkhonjana Secondary Cooperative in the Eastern Cape Province The business aims to contribute to economic development, and employment generation and poverty reduction.

The Company is in the dairy industry. The diary project is situated in Bilatye and Mkhonjana scheme in the Eastern Cape. The project will start with a herd of 850 medium-sized Holstein cows and will increase the total number of cows in the herd to 1,800 in year 4.

The diary production system will also consist of a cultivated pasture system. This pasture system will be used by all the animals except the small calves and heifers, for up to 6 months. The pasture will consist of irrigable and dry land. To capture the value chain, Bilatye will have a processing facility on site.