SCIN Operation

Scinmed is a cosmetic medicine company that provides luxurious and world-class services utilizing specialists and state-of-the-art facilities. They support two South African non-profit organizations that aim to boost the confidence of children and youth who might be ostracized due to their physical appearance.


Scinmed is a leading player in the cosmetic medicine industry in South Africa. They employ highly specialized medical professionals and utilize top-notch facilities to provide their clients with a luxurious and satisfying experience. In addition to their core business, Scinmed is also committed to supporting two non-profit organizations, The Smile Foundation and Avela Foundation, which aim to improve the lives of children and youth who face physical challenges.


Scinmed’s vision is to be the most trusted and respected cosmetic medicine company in South Africa. They aim to achieve this by providing exceptional services, utilizing the best medical professionals and technologies, and continuously striving for excellence. They also hope to continue supporting non-profit organizations that contribute to the well-being of the community.


Scinmed’s mission is to be the leading provider of cosmetic medicine services in South Africa. They strive to offer their clients a luxurious and world-class experience while utilizing the latest medical technologies and highly specialized professionals. Additionally, they are committed to giving back to the community by supporting non-profit organizations that improve the lives of children and youth.

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