Ngoye View Agriculture

Ngoye View Agriculture (NVA) located in KZN is the offshoot of a sugar farm which has been in the same family for four generations. This new cannabis project is the brainchild of the latest generation, all of whom share a common passion, drive, motivation and mutual interest to see the farm diversify by establishing a world class facility for the research, cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis within South Africa to support the local industry and provide sought after products into the international marketplace.

The initial installation includes a 2,800sqm greenhouse built in two stages of four tunnels each in Phase A with the development of a cutting edge Research & Development facility and CO2 extraction facility and a further expansion of up to 4 Hectares for Phase B. A Specialist Grow Team with a combined 40 years of experience growing cannabis commercially has been engaged to develop the best possible strains with the greatest possible output.

Shares for the cultivation phase of the project are still available via The Impact Investment Group Of Companies. The infrastructure is in place and then next stage is to erect the cultivation structures and arrange the necessary site visits by the licensing authorities. After this full operations can commence. Be a part of this exciting innovative project.