Elixir Africa has been in the cannabis industry since 2018, with four founding partners: Muhammed Dockrat, Farzana Varachia, Bilal Patel and Zaheerah Bham-Ismail. Elixir Medicann has been established as a subsidiary of Elixir Africa to move beyond the marketing of a medicinal cannabis product into actual cannabis cultivation and research.

Three years ago, these partners saw a niche in the market to offer premium grade non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD) products to a discerning – and growing – market. Elixir Africa was established and is one of the only companies to offer certified products to the South African market which are free of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects

By diversifying into cultivation and research, they have not only helped to support the growing local industry, by providing jobs and opportunities, but now can also provide sought-after products into the international marketplace. This helps to make South Africa a significant contender in the CBD industry.

In order to grow Elixir Medicann’s business, a partnership with The Impact Investment Group Of Companies has been developed. Elixir Medicann was registered as a Cannabis Qualifying Company to facilitate the investment through section 12J.

The founders of this new venture together have expertise in hydroponics, medicinal CBD product development and research, sales, procurement, logistics and training.

Elixir’s cultivation, production, and research facility will be based in Gauteng so that the founding members can personally oversee every detail of the project. Every aspect of the project has been developed in consultation with experts in the field, with input from Chris Hart, the executive chairman of The Impact Investment Group Of Companies.

Phase 1 of the venture consists of the initial installation of a 2 800 square metre greenhouse, which consists of four state-of-art tunnels. Phase 2 will follow with the establishment of a COextraction process, and Research and Development facilities. A specialist cultivation team has been engaged to source the best strains of the cannabis plant, to produce the highest yields possible.

The use of medicinal cannabis for the treatment of various ailments is on the rise. Meanwhile, research in this field is continuously being done. Its potential to treat more and more ailments is expanding and the company is anticipating an even greater growth in the health sector in the years to come.

Elixir Medicann’s goal of becoming the South Africa’s premium quality medicinal cannabis producer and processor has started off very positively, fulfilling the founders’ plans to develop a world-class cultivation, testing and R&D facility right here in South Africa.