Institutional Funds

The funds are designed to be investable from an institutional investors’ departure point, in that the funds are all designed at the front end to have pricing, liquidity and defined investment risk. Funds have capital protection mechanisms in place. The funds are designed to generate income. The riskreturn objective of the funds is to deliver a yield better than bonds and cash but with a risk as close to cash as possible.

a. SME Growth Fund

Funds are applied into existing businesses that already have an operating track record. No start-ups are considered. The purpose of the investment is to fund the growth of the business in order to create jobs as the primary investment impact. The application of technology is a key consideration with respect to the sustainability and competitiveness of the business. Risk is comprehensively assessed so that it can be managed and mitigated in order to enhance the business success.


b. Agri-Cash Fund

This fund is similar to the SME Growth Fund in that its investment objective is to generate enhanced income to the investor with controlled risk. The focus is on high-value, lower volume operations that are quickly cash generative. The various projects that can be invested in include Intensive Small Livestock Farming (Sheep, Goats, Rabbits) and Controlled Environment Farming (Herbs, Spices, Exotic Mushrooms, Moringa, Neem, Wormwood, Marijuana).


c. Agri-Tech Fund

The fund is aimed at projects that require longer term funding such as Macadamia Nut Plantations, Dates. The aim of this fund is to generate capital gains rather than income.


d. Project Development Fund

The investment objective of this fund is similar to the Agri Tech fund and is aimed at generating capital gains rather than income. The primary project focus is on property developments which include Sectional Title Apartment Hotels, Student Accommodation, Affordable Housing and Retail
Projects (Commercial Community Centres).


e. Asset-Backed Finance (Mortgages)

Primarily aimed at providing mortgage finance to the affordable housing market. This will be done in conjunction with employers and unions. This fund also seeks to convert funding parameters from projects within the Agri-Tech and Project Development Funds when the projects become cash generative and objectives shift from capital gain to income. The investment outcome of this fund is to generate income for the investor with minimal risk to capital.