In Section 12J

“Creating Capital for Investing into the New Economy” as per current need in South Africa.

We at IMPACT Investment Africa, firmly believe economic recovery in South Africa will come from Small and Medium sized companies.

Our company’s expertise focusses on the most appropriate funding model for the achievement of SME growth and funding needed, namely Section 12J (S12J).

One of our primary achievements of 2019, here at IMPACT, was to design appropriate funding solutions, in order to “create capital for the sustainable growth” of SMEs.

Section 12J is the HOW.

All ordinary South African citizens, together with medium sized and big business together, CAN and WILL contribute, to the successful raising of sufficient funds themselves, without any local, municipal or government funding needed. To deliver the required outcome of funding private companies, including small and medium sized farms and related value chain businesses. People making use of this S12J mechanism through us at IMPACT, will boost the agriculture and manufacturing sectors enormously, and potentially redirect hundreds of millions of Rands into that specific sector in your region.

Once the private sector funds have been committed into your unique investment structure, through our Section 12J company, namely IMPACT Empowerment Ventures Pty Ltd (IEV), an authorised VCC under both the Income Tax Act and the FAIS Act, real and very needed investment funds (monies), SHALL be released into these businesses. Within six months of investors committing to the investment through IMPACT, funds can already be applied to companies to grow, and expand or even to be started.

Our core goal is to assist in mobilizing capital into SMEs, that will indeed lead to permanent employment and SME Growth not seen here in South Africa in the last 20 years.

All that our investment offering requires of investors IS TO COMMIT THEIR TAXES ONLY.

Section 12J: A National Treasury approved investment, under the Tax Act (called Section 12J), that allows investors to deduct 100% of their investment from their total income, in the year of investment, when investing in our approved investment company (Impact Empowerment Ventures, VCC-135).

Chris Hart and the team from IMPACT.

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