How to invest

Step 1

Make an informed investment decision: details available from an approved Impact Investment Advisor. Read, discuss and ask questions around the Commitment to Invest (CTI) document. The Investor to complete and sign where applicable.

Step 2

Prepare all FICA documents and discuss same with your IIM agent or employee. Understand all the Investment Process and Terms & Conditions on the CTI.

Step 3

Send/deliver the following documents to your IIM representative/agent:

  • Copies of your FICA documents *
  • Proof of bank account
  • SARS registration proof

* Refer to page 2 on the Commitment to Invest document (CTI) for FICA requirements

Impact Investment Management reserves the right to request additional information if asked by the FSCA/SARS.

Step 4

Investor (and Impact Investment Management) to keep a copy of the signed Commitment to Invest (CTI) for record purposes.

Transfer the funds into the ABSA Bank account as per the Commitment to Invest document Page 3.

reference:  Surname _____________________________________

Step 5

Proof of payment to be sent to Impact Investment Management at

Impact Investment Management to acknowledge receipt of funds and will send confirmation of funds, once cleared by the receiving bank.

Information of importance to investors for the rendering of intermediary services and the management of investments by a Financial Services Provider.

If you need any clarity on any of these matters, feel free to contact:

Impact Investment Management on +27 11 480 8634 (Chris, Madeleen or Dave)