Energy Project Offerings

The arrangement for all projects is that IIM is the finance partner responsible for the financing, financial management, financial structuring and investor relations. The operating partners for projects are proven experts in the field with a strong established track record of success.


A high impact sector against a context of a distressed dominant industry player in ESKOM. Our operating partners have access to unique proprietary technologies. Our projects include:

a. Biomass Power

Focused on projects is where there is a strong supply of Biomass material and there are further downstream enhancements such as the production of activated carbon. The NERSA licence enables further power plants to be constructed where biomass supply is available. The project is a high margin, short payback operation and operates in an industry where the dominant player in ESKOM is in deep distress.

b. Solar Power

Now highly competitive with ESKOM power prices, Solar Power can be developed with a number of tax incentives available such as Section 12B and Section 12J.

c. Coal Discards

Our operating partners have the proprietary clean technologies to process coal discards so that it can be converted into electricity with a minimal pollution footprint. This also helps mines resolve their coal discard problem, which is an environmental rehabilitation obligation.