Employment Tax Incentive

Education Solution for Job Creation

There are no BEE, race or gender requirements for our education program. Courses are fully accredited with the relevant SETA’s. There is minimal administrative implication and no impact on your company’s cash flow. There are immediate benefits that can be derived for the Skills Developed element of the BEE scorecard.

Key Benefits and Outcomes.

For the Employee Student:

  • They enjoy full scholarships for their tution fees;
  • They obtain fully accredited qualifications;
  • Their qualifications impart monetisable skills, which bridge the gap between their schooling and the workplace;
  • Their future prospects are improved through enhancements to their CV and work experience.

For the Company:

  • A preferential recruitment pool of candidates for your company can be the outcome;
  • Tax relief for a number of different taxes especially when incorporating the ETI with the full IIM SMART SOLUTION;
  • Financial statement enhancement for your balance sheet, income statement and cash flow;
  • Meet regulatory obligations in areas such as CSI, B-BBEE.

We would like to meet you at our offices to discuss this exciting opportunity in more detail.