Business Description

The Impact Investment Group

In this, we have to write a description of the Impact investment group

Enriching Lives Through Opportunity!


The Impact Investment Group Of Companies is a business that exists to play a vital role in the growth of small and medium-sized owner-managed businesses financed by venture capital in Southern Africa.


Our mission is to provide appropriate funding to launch, stabilise and grow small and medium-sized companies, focusing on UN Sustainable Development Goal number 8, which aims to “promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.” Our Motto is: We find African Solutions to African problems

The Impact Investment Group Mandate

The objectives

The Impact Investment Group Of Companies focuses on investments that, along with generating financial returns for investors, seek to achieve a positive and measurable socio-economic or environmental impact. This includes investments into SME growth companies, education, medical, aviation, agricultural projects, manufacturing, information technology and private property development with a focus on affordable housing.

Job Creation

Sustainable job creation promotes inclusive economic growth and reduces poverty. As an impact investment company, we focus on both financial reward and positive impact. By choosing investments that create permanent job opportunities, we strive to make a difference in the communities in which we invest.

Food Security

With Zero hunger as the second goal on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, it is evident that food security and nutrition is one of the greatest challenges the world faces. Focusing on investments that, through technology and efficient business models, promote sustainable agriculture and increase farm productivity, we strive to address the global food security challenge.

House Security

The Constitution states that “everyone has the right to have access to adequate housing.” With the lack of affordable housing and the inaccessibility of finance, many people rely on the government to provide them with housing. With the current housing backlog and a range of highly differentiated, and sometimes contradictory policies and systems in place to respond to housing need, this constitutional right remains unfulfilled in the lives of many South Africans. Through our Mortgage Support Fund, we aim to provide accessible finance in order to promote home ownership.

SME Growth

In an effort to stimulate the economy and promote investment in SMEs, Treasury (through section 12J of the Income Tax Act) gives South African taxpayers a 100% tax deduction on investments into approved venture capital companies. Our range of section 12J venture capital companies offer tax-deductible investments into pre-approved SMEs that are both scalable and profitable.

African Markets

Africa’s financial markets are characterized by their high costs, lack of investment channels, low investment ratings, low liquidity, limited access to appropriate financial instruments and a limited understanding of true impact investing. We aim to address these shortcomings by creating a listings pipeline, generating additional investment channels that provide liquidity and capacity. We aim to facilitate economic expansion through innovative financial structuring and the use of the latest technology and product design.

Our Five Pillars


Financials, Profitability, Forecasts, Compliance


Appropriate skill, capacity, experience


Comprehensive risk analysis; manage and mitigate


Technology integration to provide products and services a competitive edge.


Environmental, Sustainable, Community

The Group Organogram